Winery Winery Location We are located in Lawrencetown Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia 158246205 Nova Scotia's Fruit Winery We specialize in making our wines from locally grown fruit with over 21 varities. 158254240 Fruit wines This is our Red Currant wine which we tried as an experience and it turned out great. 158246204 Honeymoon Wine (Mead) This is our famous Naked Mead wine made from pure local honey, sorry all sold out for now, more coming soon. 158401992 Wine glass view This was taken by our daughter Chelsea as we were having dinner at Easter a few years back and she just thought it was cool as she looked through her camera. The wine in the glass is a very good one, Rhubarb. 158401993 A job well done. This was built by my hubby, Les. As you can see, the Pergola is huge and beautiful and it will be a great place to host a wedding ceremony. 158401994 on ice Some of our wines chilling at the farmers market in Annapolis Royal. 158401995 Early Morning dew captured during the sunrise over the Pergola 158402096 Again Sunrise Les's Masey Fergason which has gone to a better home. 158402097 Oh what a tangled web Some overnight work done by one of our many guests. 158402098 Walking trails. This is a path leading from our outdoor cafe which leads across the bridge to the other fields. 158402099 Beautiful A picture of out Hibiscus tree of which we have in Fushia also. 158402100 Buggy ride anyone One of Les's finds which we will use for photo op. Needs a little TLC. 158402101 Dinner anyone. Here is one of many tables built by our uncle steve using black ceremic tiles for our outdoor cafe. A job well done. 158402102 Annapolis Market Some of our wine and products sold at the market, another satisfied customer. 158402103 Golden Russett Oh the apples are looking good. 161749623 My babies aka: grapes Finally we are seeing the fruits of our labor. These were planted quite a few years ago and with lots of pruning this past spring, they decide to grow grapes. Can't wait to make grape wines. 161749624 Blue pots Wow the colour just pops 161821905 a little tired Just resting against this wall for a bit. 161821906 new outdoor fireplace 197101849 canada day at beavercreekwinery 197101850 ride anyone 197101851 our most popular wine 200674353 Delicious blueberry which is one of our top sellers. 200674354 our speciality wine sold only in October 200674355 light & fruity white cranberry wine 200674356 pumpkin spiced wine 200674357 available only in October 200674358 waiting to be tasted 200677437